Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island serves great coffee and welcoming service.


Does it get any better than this? The fresh smell of the Puget Sound, a breezy ferry ride, and great coffee (and ice-cream) all meant to whisk away city life, is only a short 35 minutes away from Seattle.

When a few relatives came into town recently to visit me, we decided to take the ferry to the scenic island named after William Bainbridge, an American hero of the War of 1812.


Bainbridge serves as one of the many reminders why I love living in this region. It’s an easy get-away from the mainland, much quieter and peaceful too – and still with all the civilization one needs.

With a round trip ticket of $7.50 from Seattle, you can grab that book that you’ve been meaning to finish and get lost for a day – and still have the beautiful Seattle skyline in your view!

Blackbird Bakery sits on Winslow Way, providing locally roasted Herkimer Coffee and tons of wonderfully baked goods that would make Mr. Atkins’ insulin levels spike just by walking by.

I usually work in most of the coffee shops that I visit (and write about), but today, I was here just to simply enjoy the Pacific Northwest’s sunshine (day 47 of straight sunny days here in Seattle) and relax.

Every time I have dropped by the Blackbird bakery the staff has been friendly, chatty, and delivered excellently crafted coffee. Depending on the time of day and season, they can be very busy, and still manage to pull off a welcoming smile. This is place isn't just for tourists, as locals stream in throughout the day to chat or catch up on the island's news.

Sourcing their baking ingredients and coffee locally, you can be sure that Blackbird Bakery represents everything good about the Northwest – friendly people, great coffee, and a welcome that is second to none. I can’t wait to get back.

 Location: 210 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island


Black Bird Cafe and Bakery

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Black Bird Cafe and Bakery 47.625050, -122.519391