You know the feeling that you get when you come home from Thanksgiving? The ah it’s nice to be back home and I’m going to kick my shoes off and get really comfortable feeling?

Well, that’s the way I felt when I walked into Café Petti Rosso a couple of days ago.

Café Petti Rosso as it stands today is a dream by to two tenacious sisters, Yuki and Miki – both of which love great coffee, understand customer service, and provide high quality products. (The pair currently own the Bang Bang Café in Belltown).

Café Petti Rosso on Capitol Hill. Plan on staying awhile…


The café which is in the heart of the Pike & Pine District adds a little elegance to the neighborhood. In fact, what’s refreshingly missing from the place is the angst that is way too common in many (great) coffee shops. But don’t let fool ya, Petti Rosso is way cool and ultra-charming.

Serving up Lighthouse Coffee on an a La Marzocco Espresso Machine, the baristas here got skills and pulling shots and serving it beautifully (Just see the picture).

What’s great is that they do all of their pastries in house – from eclairs, tarts, sinful chocolate concoctions to a deep menu that could satisfy you during any part of the day.

For breakfast, if you’re not into the baked stuff, they have breakfast bagels, eggs & hash,  house cured salmon, French toast,  among other tasty items, served until 2 pm. (Did I mention French toast!) Lunch can include the soup of the day, roasted chicken sandwiches, Albacore Tuna sandwiches, Slow cooked beef brisket, and hand cut fries. Ah, and they also have vegan mac & cheese!

Though I usually drink your classic Americano, I opted for a latte – and was not disappointed.



The two sisters took over the spot Café Petti Rosso originally owned and operated by the now retired Robin Wright. The original café closed last year in the winter of 2011 and reopened this year on October 30, 2012.  

 “We’re excited to hold on to an old piece of Capitol Hill and it changes to a new Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is changing so much… I feel like I’m coming back home,” said Miki.

We're excited too.

Below is the map detailing Café Petti Rosso's location:


Cafe Petti Rosso

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Cafe Petti Rosso 47.613851, -122.318006