Among the world’s best baristas and coffee roasters descended on Seattle this weekend at the 21 annual Seattle Coffee Fest held at the Washington State Convention Center. Day 3 was as busy and exciting as ever as barista training and certification continued, impressive coffee business seminars were given, three major competitions and a busy exhibit hall culminated upon the Emerald City.


Seattle Coffee Fest, Seattle Coffee Scene
Seattle Coffee Fest 2012 brought many people together this weekend.


America’s Best Coffeehouse Western Championship

Klatch Coffee of San Dimas, California took the top prize for best coffeehouse. The competition, which featured a fully designed café and decided by two groups of judges – backend and customers judges had determined the winner and runner ups.



Klatch Coffee competes for America's Best Coffee House 2012.


Latte served to me during the judging of America's Best Coffeehouse. Coffee Art by Klatch Coffee.


Klatch Coffee of San Dimas, California wins the bragging rights of America's Best Coffee House 2012. Great Job! These guys rocked.


1st Place – Klatch Coffee, San Dimas, CA

2nd Place – Heart Coffee Roaster, Portland, OR

3rd Place – Dog River Coffee, OR


America’s Best Espresso Western Championship

Coffee roasters across the West had battled for the top espresso this weekend here in Seattle.  Various groups of judges from the Washington Restaurant Association helped percolate this year’s best.


Cole McBride competing for America's Best Espresso.


Blue Star Coffee Roaster takes the top prize of America's Best Espresso at Seattle Coffee Fest 2012.

1st Place – Blue Star Coffee Roasters

2nd Place – Conduit Coffee Roasters

3rd Place – Bowen Island Roasters


Seattle Coffee Fest World Coffee Art Championship Open

No doubt, this was certainly the most exciting competition for me to watch.  This year’s winners are shown below.

Coffee Fest Seattle 2012 posts the purse for the best Coffee Latte Art.
Seattle Coffee Fest Latte Art Competition
Seattle Coffee Fest Latte Art Competition 2012 – Day Three.



Seattle Coffee Fest Latte Art Competition 2012
Seattle Coffee Fest 2012
Seattle Coffee Fest 2012 Late Art Competition Winners.

1st Place – Kei Hamada, Yokohma, Japan of The Theatre Coffee & Caffe Zenon

2nd Place – Shimoyama Nobumasa of South Yara, Australia/ Japan Doutor Coffee

3rd Place – Cole McBride, Seattle Washington of Visions Espresso Service


Seattle Coffee Fest Exhibition

With about 300 exhibitors ranging from green coffee traders, café design consultants, to coffee roasters and everything in between, exhibit visitors were busy sampling great coffees, point of sale options, and others goodies.

Andrew Russo of Mountain Coffee Corporation talked with me about importing green coffee to a wide range of customers.


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Seattle Coffee Scene's Best View. This weekend thousands of people attended the 21st annual Seattle Coffee Fest.