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An Exclusive Interview with Seattle's Caffe Appassionato's Roaster

Seattle Coffee Podcast Episode 7

In this podcast I interview Andy Clawson from Caffe Appasionato. Andy is an experienced Seattle coffee professional who has perfected the “French Roast.” While the trend of roasters today is to stay on the lighter side, Andy fills the insatiable demand for darker, full bodied coffees that many,  many coffee drinkers love.

Caffe Appassionato has been roasting coffee in Seattle for twenty years now and have weathered the ups and downs of the coffee world. So, what’s their secret? Well, in word, it's passion. Hence, the Italian word, Appassionato.

Andy's interview offers up a glimpse of what it's like to be the co-roaster at one Seattle's most successful and respected coffee roasters,  and he also provides some insight on home brewing your own coffee.

My previous Caffe Appassionato story about them is here.

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