seven coffee roasters

Seven Coffee Roasters Market & Cafe

Every neighborhood needs a café like the one offered by Seven Coffee Roasters. It’s charming, functional, and offers great coffee.

Located just North of the University District, Seven Coffee Roasters Café & Market in Ravenna attracts students and neighbors. 

It’s more than a café (as the name suggests). You can pick up a few groceries while you’re at it too. From beer, wine, to bags of chips and other local foods and treats, to freshly roasted coffee.

seven coffee roastersIt’s a charming, bustling, neighborhood-oriented café that has legions of local fans. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit.



Seven Coffee Roasters Market & Cafe

2007 NE Ravenna Bvld

Seattle, WA  98105

Open Daily – 7 AM TO 8 PM