The more I write about the Seattle Coffee Scene, the more I begin to realize that success in the coffee biz is often dependent on relationships. Successful entrepreneurs know this – and successful coffee entrepreneurs live by it…

It all makes sense as coffee is one those wonderful things in life that brings people together. With coffee, the relationships with customers, roasters, baristas, and your neighbors far outweigh the quality of coffee in that cup.

Barry Faught, owner of Broadcast Coffee, understands this wholeheartedly. I recently caught up with Barry and spent some time working in his café one mid-morning and was impressed with his energy and approachability – characteristics that were evident in the baristas he also has working for him.

Broadcast Coffee’s second location (1623 Bellevue Ave) which opened in mid-August 2012, currently rests on a construction riddled street, a sign of the changing look and (perhaps) feel of this Capitol Hill street.

The newly minted space is attractive in a minimalist sort-a-way and yet is warm and inviting. Serving Stumptown and Sight Glass coffee, along with freshly baked items from Macrina's, Louisa’s Café, Mighty-O, and sandwiches from Molly’s, Broadcast Coffee seems rightly placed here. Together with a friendly staff, this makes for a great place to get a well-crafted espresso.

Broadcast Coffee on Bellevue Avenue serves warm and fresh baked goods from Macrina's, Louisa's, and Mighty-O…. can we say, Yum?


In a time where media and technology is all around us, I had to ask Barry where he got the name for his café. “My father has been a radio DJ for over 40 years, my sister was in Radio Broadcasting for almost a decade and I myself worked as a Radio Producer for 5 years. Broadcast has been part of me my entire life. I was trying to thinking of a name for my coffee shop, something original and something that people could remember. One day I was listening the radio, a band by the name of Broadcast was playing and I thought “Broadcast Coffee”. And that is where it all started.”

Barry, like many other dedicated coffee lovers, has been working hard behind the scenes here in Seattle to deliver the best product to coffee drinking customers who are increasingly developing their awareness of the quality nuances which specialty coffee brings to the table.

I asked Barry if he was excited about his new coffee shop joining the rest of the cafes on Capitol Hill. You bet he is.

“My Capitol Hill location is a multi-roaster location. We have two permanent roasters (Stumptown and Sightglass) and also have other roasters rotate in our 4th grinder. Our goal is to offer a whole new coffee experience, and kick up the coffee culture a notch or six by offering juicer shots of espresso that taste like exotic fruit, individually prepared coffee in our Clever Brewers that taste like nothing you've tasted before. We are partnering with roasters who are looking forward and playing with their roasting profiles. We want to offer you that “wow” factor when you drink the coffee we serve from these great roasters. This is the exciting part!”


Broadcast Coffee is a great place to grab a quality cup of coffee, lounge with friends, or get some much need work done in a friendly atmosphere. If you get a chance make sure you check them out!

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Broadcast Coffee

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