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Every neighborhood needs a great coffee house. A place that lights up a corner – one that opens up early and waves farewell to people on their way to work. A coffee house that stays up late with us and offers us a warm place to take off our jacket and forget about the world outside – if only for a fleeting moment. Zeitgeist Coffee is that place.

In a beautifully designed and spacious café, lined with red brick and lightly stained wood cabinets, Zeitgeist Coffee fits the bill. Whether you want to chat with a friend, get work done, or simply stop in for a coffee to go, Zeitgeist Coffee offers you great coffee, affordable prices, friendly baristas, and an assortment of pastries to try.

Seattle Coffee Scene Grows Deeper

Zeitgeist has a loyal following. One of the baristas told me that despite the construction in recent months, customers will go out of their way to come inside and sit down. I can see why. The place offers an easy-on-the eyes setting to watch the foot traffic or simply catch up with an old friend…and enjoy a Breve or Americano….whichever you prefer Zeitgeist has it and more. It is, by all accounts a great coffee shop.

We’re lucky that we live in a Seattle, where really good coffee shops are prevalent. Yet, Zeitgeist offers something a bit more unquantifiable – and is worthy of a trip across town to check out…

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Zeitgeist Map and directions below:

BTW: What is Zeitgeist? Well, it's a German-centric compound word  – Zeit meaning ‘time' and Geist meaning ‘spirit.' The meaning essential encapsulates the spirit of a particular time… or it could just mean, it's time to visit a great coffee house!


171 S Jackson St  Seattle, WA 98104
Zeitgeist Coffee

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Zeitgeist Coffee 47.598945, -122.331982