It's always nice to go to a place where the baristas remember your name. Frank's is one of those places.

Holding up the coffee scene on North Capitol Hill is Frank Café, which is simply a delightful little place that serves up a mean double shot of espresso. In addition, their cappuccinos and Americanos are wonderful too. I would rate this place as 5 out of 5 stars with regards to its coffee, charming vibe, and excellent service. But be warned the place is small – and I like it that way.

Small Seattle Coffee Shops Bring in Big Community Feelings

No doubt the place is intimate, but it utilizes every inch of space for great art. Even the crafted tables are made by the owner, Lilly, who spends her free time exploring new ways to make her café even more beautiful. It seems like every time I show up, something is different.

Frank serves up Café Vita coffee beans and Le Fournil’s baked goods, which is always great when I’m unable to visit either of those places.

While just a few people sitting down can make it feel slightly claustrophobic, their love of coffee and art spills onto 10th Ave.

Frank is among the family of cafes that makes the Seattle Coffee Scene great for its residents – great service, excellent coffee, and friendly baristas serving up local treats. Though many people, including myself, get their coffee to go, I recommend staying for a few minutes to take it all in.

In addition to coffee and pastries, they serve a variety of beverages and snacks – and they even sell bags of Cafe Vita beans. In Seattle Frank Coffee is a true gem! It's located close to a freeway and it's a great place to have a yummy sandwich or take a coffee to go.

Frank Coffee warmly wraps you with a sense of community and infuses art, charm, and great service as it delivers well-crafted coffee. Could we clone Franks Coffee? Nope. There isn't a coffee shop quite like it in Seattle, which makes me feel good every time I walk through its doors.

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Frank coffee is closed now

Below is the exact location of Frank Coffee – check 'em out and tell them Seattle Coffee Scene says Buon giornono!

Location: 2406 10th Ave E

Neighborhood: North Capitol Hill

Parking: Street Parking

Free WiFi

Frank Coffee

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Frank Coffee 47.641614, -122.319957