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Seattle Coffee Spotlight: Celesto Espresso

Highlighting The Passionate People The Make ‘The Seattle Coffee Scene' Great


celesto espresso What makes the Seattle like no other place in the world for coffee?

I’ve thought about this for some time.

Perhaps it’s the dark, wet weather for 8 months of the year. Perhaps it’s the local ports and infrastructure that brings in tons of green beans to the region every day. Maybe it's the draw of highly educated, well-read, urbanites that love coffee with their books…  

But I think the answer is much more basic than that.

I think the reason Seattle is such a wonderful city for amazing coffee is the incredible people behind the coffee scene that hold an infectious passion for the beverage.

This passion for coffee has spread. Even with new transplants moving into Seattle, people are quick to discover great neighborhood cafes and coffee businesses. 

It is this passion, this love, and this professionalism of some amazing people which has contributed to the Seattle coffee scene – and made it what it is today.

It is my hope to be able to feature the incredible people behind Seattle's coffee in the coming months.

Celesto Espresso

I recently met up with Celeste Clark, the owner of Celesto Espresso, a mobile coffee business, currently found at King Street Station.

Celeste is a Seattle coffee veteran who loves to share her coffee with her customers.

She has a unique perspective and experience in the Seattle coffee industry – from starting her own business, to working with a variety of coffee companies and coffee roasters here in Seattle – she has witnessed the coffee scene grow, develop, and evolve.

As a passionate coffee business owner here in Seattle, I am thrilled to share her story and highlight her work here through a recent audio interview.

Listen to the interview:


Visit Celesto Espresso at King Street Station

Weekdays 6:00am – 12:00pm

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