It's no secret…the Seattle’s coffee scene is BIG.

In fact, it’s so immense that even a blog dedicated to it can’t keep up. For those of us who call Seattle our home, you’re probably already aware that some of the most talented coffee roasters in the world can be found right here in our backyard.

And yet… If you are new to the Emerald City … or if you happen to live across the country and want to explore Seattle's coffee scene, it can be a tough place to figure out where to start.

Certainly, there’s nothing like visiting your local Seattle café or coffee roaster in person, but we know that you can’t always do that, especially if you live out of town.

The good news is whether you live in Vancouver, B.C. or whether you live in Washington, D.C. – or anywhere in between – you do have some great options to try Seattle coffee. 


Many of Seattle's Coffee Roasters Can Be Found in One Place

If you are looking to experience Seattle’s artisan coffee roasts, I would start with Bean Box, a Seattle-based coffee startup. 

Bean Box is a passionate curator of locally roasted coffee.

Since 2014, Bean Box has delivered pretty amazing locally roasted coffee beans to people everywhere. I recently had the chance to catch up with founders, Matthew Berk and Ryan Fritzky, both of whom had formerly worked in the software industry before diving into the Seattle coffee scene.

Matthew and Ryan have worked hard to cultivate direct relationships with Seattle’s most unique coffee roasters to provide their customers with greater accessibility to some amazing local coffee.

They offer a wide spectrum of coffee tasting options, including giving you the opportunity to try (or be surprised by) coffee that they send you, entirely based on your taste preferences. Don't know where to start, they'll help you figure it out.

conduit coffee - seattle coffee
Jesse Nelson, Conduit Coffee Roaster. Seattle, WA.

“The presentation, aroma, and taste combine to create a unique experience we believe is worth sharing. The competition in Seattle coffee culture raises the bar for the farm-to-cup quality of every roast,” said Ryan.

This is good for Bean Box's customers, as well our local and independent coffee roasters.

“It's an honor to be showcased alongside other great roasters from Seattle,” said Jesse Nelson of Conduit Coffee, an award-winning Seattle coffee roaster. “Beanbox does an excellent job representing our great city,” Nelson added.


Now You Can Drink Coffee Like a Seattle Local

seattle coffee, seattle coffee works
Seattle Coffee Works is one Seattle-based roaster offering their beans through BeanBox.

Want to try a light coffee roast from Guatemala or dark roast from Sumatra?  You can have your pick. In fact, you can choose any number of coffees from around the world, roasted to perfection right here in Seattle. 

The 4 oz. coffee samplers that come with many of their subscription packages allow you to try, sample, or experiment with your palate. Of course, if you like a particular coffee, you can order a full bag too. Oh! And you can even pair your coffee of choice with local chocolate too!

We all like to try new coffees, right? The experience allows you to fully appreciate small-batch coffee roasts, so that you can taste the difference and hone in on what you like. 

Experience The Passion For Coffee by Seattle Roasters

Herkimer Coffee, Seattle Coffee Roasters
Scott Richardson of Herkimer Coffee, Seattle, WA.


Offering Seattle Best Artisan Coffees

Bean Box’s concept provides a win-win for everyone – you get to conveniently taste and sample a wide spectrum of Seattle’s artisan coffee, while the roasters get to share their roasting profiles and grow their locally owned business.

These relationships paired with Bean Box's fast shipping, guarantees that super fresh coffee beans will be shipped to you within 48 hours of being roasted. That’s pretty incredible in my book.

This means that you can sample all the passion from Seattle’s amazing coffee roasters every week, and have it just as fresh as anyone living on Capitol Hill. 

“Our mission is to bring caffeinated delight and the world's finest artisan coffees to our customers in every Bean Box. We aim to deliver your next favorite coffee, delivered fresh,” said Ryan.

As someone who loves to talk and share about Seattle’s coffee culture, I love this idea.

The Fastest Way to Experience The Seattle Coffee Scene

I’ve spent years personally going from one coffee shop to the next to find the best tasting coffee. While I love to do this, I realize that not many people have the time. Sometimes I don’t have the time!

Bean Box makes the journey of discovering coffee a lot more appealing and convenient because it provides you with curated coffee from all over Seattle.

Making Learning About Coffee Fun, Interesting

If you have ever spent time with coffee aficionados, you know that the “language of coffee” can quickly become out of reach. Learning about coffee in some environments can be intimidating. Bean Box takes on a different approach, probably because founders Matthew and Ryan didn’t start out in the world of coffee.

Their experience with software engineering has positioned them well to deliver any number of coffee choices with each consumer's interests. 

“Seattle is the world capital for amazing, locally-roasted, authentic coffee experiences. You can't go a hundred yards without finding a coffee shop that treats a cup of coffee like a form of art,” Ryan added.


seattle coffee

Discovering Coffee at Your Own Pace

Bean Box allows you to discover coffee at a pace that works for you. You can learn about the different notes and flavors using everyday language without any intimidation.

They’re ultimate focus is on supporting local roasters, providing fresh coffee, and making it accessible. In fact, 95% of their coffee leaves Seattle. 90% leaves the state of Washington.

Bean Box's business has grown. They started in 2014 sending out 80 packages on their first run in December and have impressively grown. Last December 2016, they sent out 18,000 boxes or about 5 tons of locally roasted coffee.

Bean Box is a great way to learn about coffee roasters, but it’s also a perfect way to learn about your own taste preferences.

In other words, Bean Box makes it fun to enjoy any number coffee roasts easily. Today, I’m enjoying Zoka Coffee – a lighter roast from Nicaragua. Tomorrow I will go even lighter with a coffee roasted by Velton’s Coffee. The ability to try a different coffee nearly every day of the week in my own home is pretty cool. 


seattle coffee scene


How It Works:

Visit and choose one of their many coffee packages (you can also pair your coffee with chocolate!) You can get a single order or a monthly subscription plan. Have fun with it by choosing something that may pique your interest! This also makes the perfect gift for your favorite coffee drinker.


What can customers expect?

Customer can expect fresh, locally roasted coffee, packaged beautifully. “Freshness and your personal tastes come first. Our team handpicks each roast and ships your coffee within 48 hours of roasting so you can experience the very best cup. Every Bean Box coffee plan can be tailored to your unique coffee tastes and preferences.” Ryan said.  


Why It’s Great

Let’s face it, we love coffee. But we know that not all coffee is the same. What better way than to support Seattle’s local roasters and provide you with some of the best coffee you’ll probably ever taste?

Having the convenient and elegant introduction of Seattle's best artisan coffee roasters delivered fresh to you delivers great value. You can learn about roasters in a non-intimidating way and explore the limits of your taste palate at the same time. It also makes a great gift too!


bean box - seattle coffee


Some of the Seattle Coffee Roasters that Bean Box Features*: 

Velton's Coffee
Fundemental Coffee Co.
Seattle Coffee Works
Victrola Coffee
Kuma Coffee
Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Roaster
Zoka Coffee
Conduit Coffee
Keala's Coffee
Vashon Coffee Company
Bluebeard Coffee Roasters
Middle Fork Roasters
Lighthouse Coffee Roasters
True North Coffee

*Life happens. Things change. Roasters may change… so go see what's new over at Bean Box and tell 'em Seattle Coffee Scene sent ya!