More than Just A Seattle Coffee Scene: Visiting Seattle?



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There has never been a more exciting time to visit Seattle.  2013 is already shaping up to be a great year in the Pacific Northwest, but the Emerald City in particular seems to be the main attraction in the region. Nevertheless, if you're visiting you may be asking, “what is there to do and where's all the good coffee?”

From great restaurants and trendy nightlife hot spots, to local hiking trails and sailing trips, Seattle has something for everyone. In addition to its wide spectrum of neighborhoods and local destinations, you would be happy to know that Seattle is a very family friendly city with plenty of outdoor recreational and educational things for kids to do.

I will focus on the cafes you might want to check out. But before I do, here are a couple of basics:

 Seattle Weather Makes For Great Seattle Coffee

You may have already heard about Seattle’s reputation of being a wet city. It’s true. Rain can visit us any day of the year including the Fourth of July. While this is great for our city’s gardens and parks, this might seem tough developing your trip’s itinerary. The solution: pack for any type of weather! Dressing up in layers is what veteran Seattle’s know how to do and it’s my advice too. Chances are that many businesses stay open rain or shine.


Seattle is a very walkable city. So if you’re thinking of forgoing renting a car and you are planning to stay in the metro area, you should be able to pull it off. Even though I have a car, I hardly use it. I use the bus system nearly every day (or walk) and can say that it’s pretty excellent (in my opinion).

Seattle’s Coffee Shops


There are some great cafes in this town.  If you enjoy coffee, then you’re in luck! No matter where you’re staying during your visit, chances are you’ll be able to find some great options for good locally roasted and brewed coffee.

While there are literally hundreds of great cafes – many of them excellent – below are just a few options of cafes that you might want to try on your visit.

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Pike Place Market:

Seattle Coffee Works (The full review and address here) –  This café is centrally located and perfect for visitors to experience the latest (and classic) way of brewing and enjoying coffee.

Espresso Market Tours (The full review and address here) –  While you may or may not have time for a tour, this small and independent café can serve a nice espresso and fill you in on the unique history of the famous Pike’s Market.

Starbucks First Café (The full review and address here) – Whether or not this is the “first” Starbucks retail coffee shop is debatable, it is one of the first and the oldest. It also gives you a glimpse of what Starbucks looked like before they went public.

Fonte Coffee & Wine (The full review and address here) –  Just south of Pike’s Market, you’ll find a very sophisticated and elegantly designed café. Fonte has been roasting coffee longer than many of today's baristas have been alive and yet hardly anyone knows about them. They have earned a reputation among high end hotels around the world. This location is their only café (at the moment).

Capitol Hill

Caffe Vita (The full review and address here) – Caffe Vita has their flagship location near on Pike & Broadway on Capitol Hill. This trendy spot can give you a great taste of Seattle’s coffee scene.

Victrola (The full review and address here) – Victrola is one of Capitol Hill’s great coffee destinations.

Vivace Espresso (The full review and address here) – Vivace is one of Seattle's great coffee gems.

Black Coffee Co-op (The full review and address here) – Black Coffee blows away the traditional business model and has been super-successful at creating an amazing space to enjoy coffee and meet with neighbors.


Pioneer Square

Caffe Umbria (The full review and address here) – Caffe Umbria is a wonderful café in Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. If you love coffee art, the baristas here is are consistently great at it.

Zeitgeist Coffee (The full review and address here) – Right around the corner from Caffe Umbria you’ll find Zeitgeist Coffee, probably one of my favorite cafes in town. These guys know their coffee, but more importantly they know about customer service.

Trabant Coffee & Chai (The full review and address here) – I totally enjoy being at Tatiana's coffeehouses. There you will find great coffee, friendly baristas, and ample space to work or meet up with friends.

University District

Solstice (The full review and address here) – A local hot spot for U-dub students, Solstice is a busy, loud, and great place to grab a cup of coffee.

Café on the Ave (The full review and address here) – Owned by one of the nicest guys I know in Seattle’s Coffee Scene, Café on the Ave is a bustling location where you’ll find intense study sessions, lots of students, and well made espresso.

Queen Anne

Caffe Fiore (The full review and address here) – This is my go-to place when I’m spending time around Queen Anne. I love this place’s mellow and non-pretentious vibe. Just a neighborhood café where neighbors meet up.

Caffe Ladro (The full review and address here) – In my time of visiting a lot of cafes, it’s great to come into their Caffe Ladro and talk with baristas who are passionate about their coffee and customer service. (They have a lower and upper Queen Anne location)

Uptown Espresso (The full review and address here) – I like Uptown Espresso – friendly service and it’s a great place to grab a cup of joe right after dropping by Dicks .

Café Diablo (The full review and address here) – I love the menu at this café and hope they keep the same latinesque vibe they have.


Seattle's My Kinda Town

There are many great cafes, restaurants, shopping destinations, and outdoor activities. I want to personally welcome you to Seattle. I hope you have a great trip. Come and visit our cafes and take a few bags of coffee home with you!

Want to add your cafe to the list? Email me (here)